Bigger Vs Smaller Cars: Which Is Safer?

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Are bigger cars necessarily safer than smaller cars? The short answer is “yes.” However, the long answer is a bit more complex. Our collision center repairs vehicles of all sizes and can discuss at length the issue of bigger vs smaller cars.

Bigger Vs Smaller Car Safety at a Glance

Yes, it’s true that larger trucks and SUVs are generally safer than smaller vehicles. However, the gap has significantly narrowed in recent years thanks to modern safety technology. This includes the advent of rear and side airbags, rear cameras, electronic stability control, and blind spot warning.

Of course, a larger car with these technologies is still generally safer than a small car with the same safety features.

Size and Weight

Larger cars absorb less damage. This is due to the larger hood, which equals a stronger crumple zone that withstands the impact of a head-on collision better.

When a bigger car collides with a smaller car, the impact force from the larger car transfers to the smaller car. This increases the chance of whiplash injury for occupants in the smaller vehicle. 

Car Height

Smaller cars, though, do have one advantage. Larger cars tend to have a higher ground clearance, which reduces center of gravity and increases chances of a rollover. Rollovers, despite occurring in only 1% of collisions, account for 33% of driver fatalities.

What Is the Safest Vehicle?

Instead of just looking at car size, we suggest examining other factors. This includes its IIHS crash test ratings, safety technology, and recalls. Regardless of size, we suggest a vehicle with an IIHS rating of Top Safety Pick+.

We Restore all Car Sizes

We perform frame repair for full-size SUVs and compact sedans alike. This includes auto painting restoration and dent repair. Bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for servicing. The issue of bigger cars vs smaller cars is worth exploring during the time of year when collisions peak.

Auto Body Servicing for all Vehicle Sizes 

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