What Does a “Totaled Car” Mean?

totaled car, total lossDid your car receive significant damage in a collision? Your insurance provider may declare your vehicle a “totaled car” or “total loss.” What exactly do these terms mean, and what are the parameters for determining that a car is totaled?

The Definition of a Totaled Car

Insurance companies consider a car a total loss if repair costs exceed 75% of the car’s Kelly Blue Book value. Needless to say, a totaled car is beyond what a paintless dent repair or auto paint restoration can fix.

After an auto accident, you will have to bring your vehicle to a collision center approved by your insurance provider. Doug’s Auto Collision Center works with most national and Bellevue-based auto insurance agencies. We can make the final determination if a car is a total loss. If not, we can restore the vehicle to pre-collision condition. If damaged beyond repair, your insurance will send you a check equal to the value of the car before collision.

If repairs are in order, we will coordinate with your insurance provider and arrange for a rental car. Continue Reading →

4 Myths About Auto Body Shops

body shop mythsIf you have been involved in an auto accident, you have a number of details to look after. You need to choose a body shop to perform the repairs and deal with the insurance company. The entire situation is stressful, and part of the stress is due to a number of myths about body shops. Listed below are some myths … as well as the truth.

Body Shop Myth No. 1

Car dealers do a better job of repairing cars after an accident than independent body shops.

Truth: This is not true. Many people think that only a dealership can order factory parts for their vehicle. At Doug’s Auto Collision Center, we work with factory parts regularly and avoid working with aftermarket parts. Continue Reading →