What to Do After a Collision with an Animal in Factoria

animal collisionWhile not too common, wildlife may wander into the urban outreach of cities like Factoria. Sighting the occasional deer or buck is a beautiful sight. However, an animal collision is also not that uncommon. What exactly do you do if this happens?

Does My Insurance Cover It?

Most comprehensive car insurance do cover damage from collisions with a large animal. Collision coverage, despite its name, typically doesn’t cover damages from hitting an animal. The average collision repair cost for colliding with a deer, by the way, is about $3,200.

I Hit an Animal; What Do I Do?

Don’t drive away from the scene. This is considered a hit-and-run and may incur state penalties. First, pull over and switch on the emergency lights. Make sure everyone is okay and contact local law enforcement. We highly suggest taking pictures of the damage. The documentation will come in handy when filing a claim with your insurance.

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The Importance of Car Body Plastic Repairs Around Highlands

car body plastic, auto plasticHere’s an interesting fact: modern cars contain a large number of plastic components. Parts, such as the interior bumper, door panels, and equipment housing, contain mainly plastic material. With this in mind, collision repair shops need to be knowledgeable in car body plastic repairs.

Why All the Plastic?

People unfairly demonize plastic as being cheap and inferior material. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Plastic reduces a car’s weight and improves fuel economy. Plastic is also more resistant to corrosion. Once the car is headed for the scrapyard, the plastic is easier to recycle and reuse than steel and aluminum. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Electronic Recalibration in Collision Repairs Around Renton

electronic recalibrationIn modern automobiles, the computer controls safety technologies, such as lane departure warning and blind-spot detection. These features save lives on the road. However, a collision—even a small fender bender—can throw these systems out of balance. As part of collision repairs, a mechanic must also conduct electronic recalibration.

Why Electronic Recalibration Is Necessary

Collision repair isn’t just about restoring the frame and crumple zone. Today’s cars have multiple computers, sensors, and radars, all of which are ultra-sensitive. A collision can knock these components out of alignment. This may result in a safety feature’s failure to activate, such as an airbag not deploying. Similarly, an alert on your dashboard may fail to light up. This places the driver and passengers at serious risk. Even minor impacts causing only a small dent can cause decalibration. Continue Reading →

Dings and Dents: How to Distinguish the Two in Renton

dings dentsIt’s unavoidable if you’re a car owner: Incidents involving runaway shopping carts or swinging car doors can lead to visible blemishes. However, is the damage a dent or ding? People often treat the terms interchangeably, though technically the terms “dings” and “dents” imply different degrees of damage.

How Dings and Dents Differ

Motorists who bring their car to our shop for dent repair freely switch between the terms. For auto body specialists, though, the differentiation matters. Here’s the difference:

Ding: A ding is a relatively minor blemish where the damaged spot is no more than half an inch in diameter. The auto paint is also completely intact. Damage from rolling shopping carts usually falls into this category.

For most car owners, a ding is an eyesore, but it doesn’t require urgent attention. In other words, no need to cry over spilled milk. Most owners still eventually decide to restore the ding. Continue Reading →

How to File a Hail Claim in Bellevue

hail claimThe Bellevue region isn’t exactly prone to hail, but it isn’t completely immune to it either. Hailstorms can occur even in the summer. Hail as big as golf balls can cause immense property damage. The good news, though, is that your insurance may cover the damage. We explain how to file a hail claim.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Only your insurance provider can answer this question. Most car owners are apprehensive about filing a hail claim out of fear their premiums will skyrocket. However, most comprehensive coverage plans cover hail damage since the damage is classified as an “act of God.” This means unavoidable damage due to events outside human control. In any case, verify with your insurance agency instead of taking our word for it. Continue Reading →

How to Deal with an Out-of-State Car Accident

out-of-state car accident, car accidentGetting into a car accident is unfortunate, regardless of where and when. However, the problem may be compounded when it occurs outside your home state. What do you do in the event of an out-of-state car accident?

What to Do After the Collision

The steps to take immediately after an auto collision are more or less the same. This means:

  • Contact local police to file a report
  • Acquire the other driver’s insurance information and record the vehicle’s license plate number
  • Take multiple photos and/or video of the scene and damage
  • Acquire names and statements of witnesses

Pre-Trip Preparation

It helps to prepare if you’re driving outside of Washington. Contact your insurance provider to make sure your policy covers out-of-state collisions. Most coverage plans apply across all 48 contiguous states. Continue Reading →

Replacing your door after a collision

Replacing your door lock?

Replacing your door lock could be very tedious  and expensive. You simply may not have the time to wait for the door to be pulled apart. You may need to get right back on the road. In this case we recommend our auto locksmith friends at Secure Locksmith Pros. 

Not only do they offer auto locksmith services but they offer several other emergency services as well in the Denver, Colorado area.  Check out their emergency lock smith page.


A 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Serving Denver, Aurora, and More

Nobody expects to need a locksmith. But your lock, key, and security needs do not always operate on a typical 9 to 5 schedule. When you’ve been faced with a security related emergency, it is important to have access to a 24 hour mobile locksmith that can come directly to you right away and provide the support you need.

That’s what you get with Secure Locksmith in Aurora – the #1 choice among both residents and businesses for instant and urgent locksmith support. If you need a locksmith near you right now, make sure you call us 24/7 at (720) 330-4322.

About Our Full Service Emergency Locksmith Services

All of our services are available on a 24 hour basis, if you find yourself struggling with an emergency. While we schedule services for most of our clients, we are a mobile locksmith. Based in Aurora, we can travel to most areas in the Greater Denver area in under an hour – most of the time in less than 30 minutes – and provide you with the services you need to feel safe and secure.

Our Auto Lockout Service in Aurora, Colorado

Getting locked out of your car or truck, or losing the keys you need to start your car, are almost always emergencies. No one wants to be stranded, and often when you’ve experienced a lockout it’s in a time and place that doesn’t feel safe and secure.

Our entire team is mobile, which means that we’ll drive directly to your location and provide you with the services you need. We can create new keys on the spot if necessary, and repair any car or truck locks that may have been damaged in your automobile.

Our Residential Emergency Locksmith Support

Homeowners can have many different challenges that affect their feeling of security.

  • Broken Locks
  • Lost Keys
  • Broken Doors
  • Home Lockouts
  • Stuck Locks

These are only some of the issues that may affect homeowners at any time of day. We also know that there are situations, such as someone risky that is in control of your key, that can necessitate coming to your property right away to change the locks. We won’t judge you for your personal situation. We just want to make sure that you feel safe and secure in your home.

Our Commercial Emergency Locksmith Services in Denver, Aurora, and More

Businesses and commercial property managers sometimes need emergency locksmith services as well. We can assist with both small and large scale projects, from fixing one small lock issue to completely rekeying an entire master key system if the initial key was compromised.

We have worked with commercial properties throughout Aurora and beyond. We work with new construction projects, real estate agencies, retail stores, interior designers, architects, schools, universities, apartment complexes, medical facilities, and small businesses around the city.

We offer low costs and competitive pricing for our emergency and scheduled support, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure that your 24 hour locksmith needs are met.

Why Choose Secure Locksmith of Aurora?

Not all local locksmiths are created equal. Our team has the most advanced training, the best possible service and support, and the willingness and ability to be there for you when you’re faced with an urgent locksmith need. The best way to reach us in an emergency is to call, so call us at (720) 330-4322 any time of day for instant support