Is Paintless Dent Removal in Bellevue Right for Your Car?

Even the most careful driver picks up dents and dings on their car’s body. While they don’t affect the vehicle’s drivability, they’re unsightly and can lower the value of your car. Fortunately, paintless dent removal is an effective and affordable solution in many cases. If the dent in your vehicle meets the following criteria, this repair may be right for you.

The Damage is Small

This repair method can be effective when the dents or dings on your car are relatively small. Your auto collision expert will work behind the surface using specialized tools to push the pressed-in area back out, so it appears smooth again.

The Paint is Not Damaged

If the force that caused the dent is destructive enough to crack or chip the paint, it’s not a good candidate for paintless repair. Manipulating the car’s surface will likely cause more paint damage. When the paint is cracked or chipped, it needs more extensive treatment to reduce the risk of continued cracking, chipping and rusting.

The Surface is Flexible Metal

Pushing dented surfaces back into place only works well for materials that can flex well, like aluminum or steel. If they show minor dents or dings, materials like fiberglass or plastic are typically not good candidates for this repair method.

Talk to the Experts on Paintless Dent Removal in Bellevue

 Doug’s Auto Collision Center is proud to be your first stop when you need collision repair of any kind. From paintless dent repair to auto painting to collision work, you can trust our attention to detail and professionalism, no matter the make and model of your vehicle. We are a local business with decades of experience, distinguished by a lifetime guarantee on our work. Contact us today for your free paintless dent removal estimate. 

Make Your Car Look New Again with Paintless Dent Removal in Bellevue

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3 Signs You’ve Found a Great Collision Repair for Issaquah Drivers

It’s easy to recognize the need for collision repair but a little harder to find the right collision shop. You may get recommendations from friends and family, and your insurance company will likely provide you with a list of collision specialists they’ve worked with. As you consider your choices, remember these three qualities are signs of a great repair body collision repair, Bellevue

Lots of Experience

The best way to become a collision expert is by doing the work regularly over time. A specialist repair shop that is dedicated only to restoring vehicles to their pre-accident appearance and performance and has been in business for decades is well-equipped to take care of even the most challenging repair work.

Full-Service Repairs 

The best collision centers offer a broad range of services. Your collision may have been with a parking sign or a fence–those minor dents and dings require just as high a level of expertise in collision repair as more extensive body damage requires.

Customer-Focused Service

Dealing with getting your car fixed and your insurance claim are already stressful experiences. Finding a customer-oriented collision expert who is not only interested in repairing the damaged vehicle but in being of service to you, too, should not be another one. Shops that stand out typically offer estimates for free and work directly with your insurance company as needed. 

Do You Need Reliable Collision Repair Near Issaquah?

Doug’s Auto Collision Center is proud to be your first stop when you need collision repair of any kind. From paintless dent repair to auto painting and collision work, you can trust our attention to detail and professionalism, no matter the make and model of your vehicle. We are a local business with decades of experience, distinguished by a lifetime guarantee on our work, so contact us today for your free estimate. 

Highly Skilled Collision Repair for Issaquah Drivers

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The Importance of Electronic Recalibration in Collision Repairs Around Renton

electronic recalibrationIn modern vehicles, the computer controls numerous safety technologies, such as emergency automatic braking and blind-spot warning. Upon a collision, however, the entire computer system can be thrown out of balance. Apart from collision repairs, you may also need an electronic recalibration.

Why Electronic Recalibration Near Renton Is Necessary

There’s more to collision repair than just restoring the crumple zone. Modern vehicles are fitted with a plethora of electronics, sensors, and radars. These components are quite sensitive, and even a relatively minor collision can throw the entire system out of balance. This can result in pivotal safety features not properly activating in an emergency, such as the airbags not deploying. Likewise, a dashboard icon may fail to light up, thus leaving you unaware of an issue that requires your attention. Even fender benders only leading to a small dent can cause an electronic de-calibration.  Continue Reading →

Dings and Dents: How to Distinguish the Two Near Renton

dings dentsThere are a number of incidents that can cause your car to incur dings and dents. These two terms, however, are not exactly synonymous. They’re certainly similar, but they imply different types of vehicle blemishes caused by factors like swinging car doors and runaway shopping carts. Learn the difference between the two and why it’s relevant for car owners in and around Renton.

How Dings and Dents Differ Near Renton

Motorists who bring their vehicle to our center for dent repair use the terms interchangeably. For the technicians in our shop, though, the difference matters. Here are the precise definitions of a ding and a dent.

Ding: A ding is a small blemish where the damage does not exceed half an inch in diameter. The auto paint is more or less intact. When a shopping cart makes contact with a car, the damage is usually just a ding.

A ding is a visible eyesore, but it’s nothing major and worth losing sleep over. Nevertheless, you can bring the vehicle to our shop to restore the blemish. Continue Reading →

How to File a Hail Claim in Bellevue

hail claimThe Bellevue region isn’t the most hail-prone area. However, hail isn’t completely unheard of either and does happen from time to time year-round. Though rare, some hailstorms are severe enough to induce hail the size of golf balls. These have enough weight to cause denting or auto paint damage to vehicles. If your car was damaged by hail, you’ll need to file a hail claim with your insurer. 

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Only your insurance company can answer this question. Many car owners are hesitant about filing a hail claim out of fear it’ll raise their premiums. However, there are plans that cover hail damage and classify the damage type as an “act of God.” This essentially means the occurrence stemmed from nature and was beyond your control. Always verify with your insurer whether hail damage is included in the plan. Continue Reading →

What Does a “Totaled Car” Mean in Highlands?

totaled car, total lossDid you just get into a collision? After an inspection from your insurance company, your vehicle may be labeled a “totaled car.” What does it mean when your automobile is totaled?

The Definition of a Totaled Car in Highlands

Insurance agencies label a car as totaled if the cost of repairs is more than 75% of the vehicle’s value as outlined by Kelly Blue Book. it goes without saying that restoration work like paintless dent repair isn’t going to get your car back on the road.

After you have been in a collision, your insurer will instruct you to bring your car to a collision center. Doug’s Auto Collision Center collaborates with most insurance agencies in the Highlands area. It’s the shop that actually determines whether the vehicle is salvageable or is a total loss. We then report the results to your insurance group. If salvageable, we can get to work to restore the damaged frames and their crumple zone. We can also perform cosmetic work like auto paint restoration. While your car is being restored, your insurance provider may arrange for a rental car. Continue Reading →

4 Myths About Auto Body Shops Near Issaquah

body shop mythsBeing in a collision near Issaquah can be a stressful experience. There’s a lot you have to deal with in the coming days, such as looking for an auto collision center, contacting your insurance provider, etc. Unfortunately, there are some body shop myths that may cause confusion. Here are some of these common myths and the actual truth.

Myth No. 1

A dealership’s repair center is more reliable than an independent shop.

Truth: This isn’t grounded in reality. Many car owners believe only a dealership can order factory components for their car or truck. At Doug’s Auto Collision Center, we use OEM parts all the time and eschew the use of knock-off parts. Continue Reading →

What Happens to Your Car Insurance Rate After an Accident Near Factoria?

insurance rate after accidentAfter an auto collision, you may have many concerns beyond the condition of your car. Another issue is your insurance rate after an accident. Does the collision mean your premiums and out-of-pocket expenses are going to soar through the roof? Does it remain more or less the same?

The Truth About Your Insurance Rate After an Accident Near Factoria

There isn’t a uniform answer over your insurance rate increase after an accident. It comes down to the scenario leading up to the incident. The biggest factor is whether you were deemed to be at fault. You may also be partially at fault. In these cases, there will likely be a rate hike. If you have a prior history of at-fault collisions or traffic violations, this will also increase your insurance rate. Continue Reading →

Is DIY Towing a Possible Solution Near Renton?

DIY towing, do-it-yourself towingIf your vehicle breaks down, can you call a friend or relative to have them help you tow the car? It’s certainly possible, but it’s not a move we recommend. You should always call a professional tow service and have them bring your car to a collision repair center if you were in a collision. Here are some reasons DIY towing may backfire.

Risk of Further Damage

A tow truck has commercial capabilities with its robust engine, axles, and specialized frames for towing a civilian vehicle. It can also support the car’s full weight. If you tow a civilian car using another civilian car, you risk damage to both vehicles. This will stress the transmission and brakes of the car doing the towing. The car that’s being towed may incur damage in the front bumper where you connect the tow chains.

It May Be Illegal

Some cities and counties may prohibit civilian towing. If it’s allowed, you’re required to follow strict procedures and have to use approved equipment. In addition, the towed vehicle needs to have a white flag or marker placed at the connection point.

If you fail to follow city guidelines to a T, you risk getting pulled over by law enforcement and facing huge fines.

Insurance May Cover Towing

Most insurance policies cover towing in the event your vehicle is in a collision. If the insurance covers it, why hassle a friend to help you and risk further damage to the vehicle, not to mention the risk of legal trouble? Unless the person helping with the towing has the equipment and extensive knowledge of city law, we highly recommend professional towing.

DIY Towing Near Renton Isn’t Worth the Risk

If your car needs towing, have the tow truck bring it to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. We can restore the vehicle, including fixing minor blemishes like dents and scratched auto paint. DIY towing is a risky maneuver. Play it safe and let a professional service handle it.

Avoid DIY Towing Near Renton

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Protect Your Car from Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

polymer degradation, car polymer

Polymer is a common substance found in modern vehicles. As a car gets older, polymer degradation sets in, causing the auto paint to become faded. Learn what you can do to keep degradation to a minimum.

What Is Polymer?

Polymer is a specific chain of molecules that are found in natural materials like wood and rubber. The material is also derived synthetically and used in the production of items like nylon and disposable shopping bags.

In the auto industry, polymer makes up a large part of a car’s plastic and rubber components, from the dashboard to the bumper. The material is durable and inexpensive to produce. Collision repairs are also more affordable due to polymer keeping the cost of parts down.

Polymer in Paint

Auto paint also contains polymers. The material is sought after for its ability to produce a glossy shine. It also protects the paint against outer contaminants. One drawback of polymer, though, is that it fades with age, causing cracks in the paint to manifest.

How to Minimize Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

The best advice is to minimize direct sun exposure. If you normally park your car inside a garage, then this should be a non-issue. However, if you must park in the driveway or on the curb, then try parking in a shaded area when possible. We also recommend applying wax every three months. Dirt and other debris can erode the polymer over time.

We Restore Car Surfaces

No matter how faded your car paint is, let us restore it to its original pristine shine. We can also remove dents and other visible blemishes. Make an appointment at Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an assessment. No need to let polymer degradation ruin your car’s visual charm.

Restoration from Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

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