Is Paintless Dent Removal in Bellevue Right for Your Car?

paintless dent repair of bellevue

Even the most careful driver picks up dents and dings on their car’s body. While they don’t affect the vehicle’s drivability, they’re unsightly and can lower the value of your car. Fortunately, paintless dent removal is an effective and affordable solution in many cases. If the dent in your vehicle meets the following criteria, this repair may be right for you.

The Damage is Small

This repair method can be effective when the dents or dings on your car are relatively small. Your auto collision expert will work behind the surface using specialized tools to push the pressed-in area back out, so it appears smooth again.

The Paint is Not Damaged

If the force that caused the dent is destructive enough to crack or chip the paint, it’s not a good candidate for paintless repair. Manipulating the car’s surface will likely cause more paint damage. When the paint is cracked or chipped, it needs more extensive treatment to reduce the risk of continued cracking, chipping and rusting.

The Surface is Flexible Metal

Pushing dented surfaces back into place only works well for materials that can flex well, like aluminum or steel. If they show minor dents or dings, materials like fiberglass or plastic are typically not good candidates for this repair method.

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