The Importance of Electronic Recalibration in Collision Repairs Around Renton

electronic recalibrationIn modern vehicles, the computer controls numerous safety technologies, such as emergency automatic braking and blind-spot warning. Upon a collision, however, the entire computer system can be thrown out of balance. Apart from collision repairs, you may also need an electronic recalibration.

Why Electronic Recalibration Near Renton Is Necessary

There’s more to collision repair than just restoring the crumple zone. Modern vehicles are fitted with a plethora of electronics, sensors, and radars. These components are quite sensitive, and even a relatively minor collision can throw the entire system out of balance. This can result in pivotal safety features not properly activating in an emergency, such as the airbags not deploying. Likewise, a dashboard icon may fail to light up, thus leaving you unaware of an issue that requires your attention. Even fender benders only leading to a small dent can cause an electronic de-calibration. 

How Does Recalibration Work?

There’s more to electronic recalibration than just logging digits from a diagnostic test code. This doesn’t always reveal the issue. Repairs aside, the technician must also:

  • Scan for model-specific codes for error messages
  • Clear existing diagnostic codes
  • Recalibrate radars and sensors according to manufacturer guidelines

Technicians need to inspect that the cameras, lasers, and other technologies are working properly. An OBD port scan alone may not be enough. Testing requires industry-grade calibration tools, and not all auto body shops are equipped with this type of expensive equipment.

Collision aside, the collision repair itself can also send the computer out of sync. This is why the mechanic must conduct a diagnostic before handing the car back to the customer.

We Perform Recalibration

Leave the repairs to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. Our operating protocols are extensive and include diagnostics of a vehicle’s complete suite of safety technology. We also restore a car’s exterior appearance by performing paintless dent repair and auto paint restoration.

Collision Repairs & Electronic Recalibration Near Renton

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