Dings and Dents: How to Distinguish the Two Near Renton

dings dentsThere are a number of incidents that can cause your car to incur dings and dents. These two terms, however, are not exactly synonymous. They’re certainly similar, but they imply different types of vehicle blemishes caused by factors like swinging car doors and runaway shopping carts. Learn the difference between the two and why it’s relevant for car owners in and around Renton.

How Dings and Dents Differ Near Renton

Motorists who bring their vehicle to our center for dent repair use the terms interchangeably. For the technicians in our shop, though, the difference matters. Here are the precise definitions of a ding and a dent.

Ding: A ding is a small blemish where the damage does not exceed half an inch in diameter. The auto paint is more or less intact. When a shopping cart makes contact with a car, the damage is usually just a ding.

A ding is a visible eyesore, but it’s nothing major and worth losing sleep over. Nevertheless, you can bring the vehicle to our shop to restore the blemish.

Dent: Any damage over half an inch in diameter is classified as a dent. In addition, there may also be scratches in the paint deep enough to expose the bare metal. The exposure is hazardous for the metal because it’s now vulnerable to rust. Light rear-end collisions typically lead to dents, if not more severe damage requiring collision repair.

Why the Difference Matters

The difference is especially important for leased car owners. When you return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of the lease term, the dealer will carefully examine the car. You will be fined for any damages classified as a dent. If trading your car, dents may also lower the car’s value.

We Perform Ding and Dent Restoration

Did your car incur a ding or dent? Bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center to restore the frame to its original pristine condition. We perform dent and paint restoration on owned and leased cars alike.

Repairs for Car Dings and Dents Near Renton

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