How to File a Hail Claim in Bellevue

hail claimThe Bellevue region isn’t the most hail-prone area. However, hail isn’t completely unheard of either and does happen from time to time year-round. Though rare, some hailstorms are severe enough to induce hail the size of golf balls. These have enough weight to cause denting or auto paint damage to vehicles. If your car was damaged by hail, you’ll need to file a hail claim with your insurer. 

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Only your insurance company can answer this question. Many car owners are hesitant about filing a hail claim out of fear it’ll raise their premiums. However, there are plans that cover hail damage and classify the damage type as an “act of God.” This essentially means the occurrence stemmed from nature and was beyond your control. Always verify with your insurer whether hail damage is included in the plan.

Filing a Hail Claim in Bellevue: The Step-by-Step Process

  1. Document the damage. Take photos of the damage up close and have your information ready when contacting your insurer. This includes vehicle information and the date of the damage.
  2. An agent will review your case. If the case goes forward, you’ll be instructed to take your vehicle to a collision center for an assessment. Upon an examination, the agent will provide an estimate and deductible amount for repairs.
  3. The auto shop will proceed with the repair work. This will usually include some form of dent repair and paint restoration work.

If your car needs to be at the shop for several days, your insurance coverage may cover the cost of a rental car.

Don’t Let Hail Blemish Your Car

Hail isn’t a significant concern in the Bellevue area. Even so, weather patterns can be unpredictable. If hail does damage your car, make an appointment with Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an assessment. Filing a hail claim is just like filing any other automobile damage claim.

We Restore Your Car After Filing a Hail Claim in Bellevue

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