What Does a “Totaled Car” Mean in Highlands?

totaled car, total lossDid you just get into a collision? After an inspection from your insurance company, your vehicle may be labeled a “totaled car.” What does it mean when your automobile is totaled?

The Definition of a Totaled Car in Highlands

Insurance agencies label a car as totaled if the cost of repairs is more than 75% of the vehicle’s value as outlined by Kelly Blue Book. it goes without saying that restoration work like paintless dent repair isn’t going to get your car back on the road.

After you have been in a collision, your insurer will instruct you to bring your car to a collision center. Doug’s Auto Collision Center collaborates with most insurance agencies in the Highlands area. It’s the shop that actually determines whether the vehicle is salvageable or is a total loss. We then report the results to your insurance group. If salvageable, we can get to work to restore the damaged frames and their crumple zone. We can also perform cosmetic work like auto paint restoration. While your car is being restored, your insurance provider may arrange for a rental car.

Additional Factors

The above term of a totaled car appears straightforward. However, it’s not exactly black and white. There are other variables in play. The 75% rule may pivot up or down depending on factors like:

  • The model year
  • Add-ons or modifications to the car
  • Whether the automobile was a luxury or vintage model
  • Contributory negligence, or the degree of fault on your end that led to the accident.

We Examine Your Vehicle Post-Accident

We understand matters post-collision can be complex and stressful. Contacting your insurance agency is also no fun. However, the process must be done. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an assessment of your vehicle. Our expert crew members will perform the necessary inspections and determine whether it’s a totaled car. 

We Assess Your Totaled Car in Highlands

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Posted on June 14, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business