4 Myths About Auto Body Shops Near Issaquah

body shop mythsBeing in a collision near Issaquah can be a stressful experience. There’s a lot you have to deal with in the coming days, such as looking for an auto collision center, contacting your insurance provider, etc. Unfortunately, there are some body shop myths that may cause confusion. Here are some of these common myths and the actual truth.

Myth No. 1

A dealership’s repair center is more reliable than an independent shop.

Truth: This isn’t grounded in reality. Many car owners believe only a dealership can order factory components for their car or truck. At Doug’s Auto Collision Center, we use OEM parts all the time and eschew the use of knock-off parts.

Myth No. 2

A vehicle can never be restored to its factory condition.

Truth: In the event of a severe collision, a car may be deemed a total loss. If the vehicle is salvageable, the shop crew has the equipment and expertise to fully restore a car’s crumple zone.

Myth No. 3

You must use the body shop referred by your insurer.

Truth: The insurance provider may recommend a list of local shops. However, you’re free to use any collision repair center of your choice. Your insurance company cannot deny you payment for repairs based on your selected shop.

Myth No. 4.

If you don’t select the shop the insurance provider recommends, the warranty will be nullified.

Truth: The warranty is provided by the body shop, not the insurance company. At Doug’s Auto Collision Center, all of our work is backed by a warranty. This includes all parts of the restoration, from dent repairs to the auto paint.

Don’t Let Body Shop Myths Near Issaquah Dissuade You from Repairs

The web is full of body shop myths from so-called experts that are simply regurgitating what they read elsewhere. Now that you know the truth, schedule repairs at our shop should you be in a collision. We perform the full range of auto work, including dent repairs.

Exposing the Body Shop Myths Near Issaquah

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