What Happens to Your Car Insurance Rate After an Accident Near Factoria?

insurance rate after accidentAfter an auto collision, you may have many concerns beyond the condition of your car. Another issue is your insurance rate after an accident. Does the collision mean your premiums and out-of-pocket expenses are going to soar through the roof? Does it remain more or less the same?

The Truth About Your Insurance Rate After an Accident Near Factoria

There isn’t a uniform answer over your insurance rate increase after an accident. It comes down to the scenario leading up to the incident. The biggest factor is whether you were deemed to be at fault. You may also be partially at fault. In these cases, there will likely be a rate hike. If you have a prior history of at-fault collisions or traffic violations, this will also increase your insurance rate.

How Much Does the Rate Go Up?

Many factors will determine the degree of rate increase. Drivers can expect anywhere from a 3% to 50% hike. This is clearly a huge range; you’ll have to speak with your agent to get a definitive answer.

We coordinate with insurance agencies constantly, so we see rate increases of varying degrees; some marginal, and some quite jaw-dropping. Nevertheless, our expertise is in collision repair and not insurance. If you ask us about your insurance, our default answer will always be to speak with your insurance representative.

Let Us Handle the Collision Repairs

Bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center after a collision. We restore your automobile back to factory condition while also fixing cosmetic blemishes like dents and auto paint damage. In regards to your insurance rate after an accident, that’s for your insurance provider to determine.

Learn More About Your Insurance Rate After an Accident Near Factoria

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