Is DIY Towing a Possible Solution Near Renton?

DIY towing, do-it-yourself towingIf your vehicle breaks down, can you call a friend or relative to have them help you tow the car? It’s certainly possible, but it’s not a move we recommend. You should always call a professional tow service and have them bring your car to a collision repair center if you were in a collision. Here are some reasons DIY towing may backfire.

Risk of Further Damage

A tow truck has commercial capabilities with its robust engine, axles, and specialized frames for towing a civilian vehicle. It can also support the car’s full weight. If you tow a civilian car using another civilian car, you risk damage to both vehicles. This will stress the transmission and brakes of the car doing the towing. The car that’s being towed may incur damage in the front bumper where you connect the tow chains.

It May Be Illegal

Some cities and counties may prohibit civilian towing. If it’s allowed, you’re required to follow strict procedures and have to use approved equipment. In addition, the towed vehicle needs to have a white flag or marker placed at the connection point.

If you fail to follow city guidelines to a T, you risk getting pulled over by law enforcement and facing huge fines.

Insurance May Cover Towing

Most insurance policies cover towing in the event your vehicle is in a collision. If the insurance covers it, why hassle a friend to help you and risk further damage to the vehicle, not to mention the risk of legal trouble? Unless the person helping with the towing has the equipment and extensive knowledge of city law, we highly recommend professional towing.

DIY Towing Near Renton Isn’t Worth the Risk

If your car needs towing, have the tow truck bring it to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. We can restore the vehicle, including fixing minor blemishes like dents and scratched auto paint. DIY towing is a risky maneuver. Play it safe and let a professional service handle it.

Avoid DIY Towing Near Renton

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Posted on March 14, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business