Protect Your Car from Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

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Polymer is a common substance found in modern vehicles. As a car gets older, polymer degradation sets in, causing the auto paint to become faded. Learn what you can do to keep degradation to a minimum.

What Is Polymer?

Polymer is a specific chain of molecules that are found in natural materials like wood and rubber. The material is also derived synthetically and used in the production of items like nylon and disposable shopping bags.

In the auto industry, polymer makes up a large part of a car’s plastic and rubber components, from the dashboard to the bumper. The material is durable and inexpensive to produce. Collision repairs are also more affordable due to polymer keeping the cost of parts down.

Polymer in Paint

Auto paint also contains polymers. The material is sought after for its ability to produce a glossy shine. It also protects the paint against outer contaminants. One drawback of polymer, though, is that it fades with age, causing cracks in the paint to manifest.

How to Minimize Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

The best advice is to minimize direct sun exposure. If you normally park your car inside a garage, then this should be a non-issue. However, if you must park in the driveway or on the curb, then try parking in a shaded area when possible. We also recommend applying wax every three months. Dirt and other debris can erode the polymer over time.

We Restore Car Surfaces

No matter how faded your car paint is, let us restore it to its original pristine shine. We can also remove dents and other visible blemishes. Make an appointment at Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an assessment. No need to let polymer degradation ruin your car’s visual charm.

Restoration from Polymer Degradation Near Bellevue

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