Delay, Deny, Defend: What You Need to Know About This Insurance Scam Around Mercer Island

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Your auto insurance provider can be a lifesaver in the event of a collision near Mercer Island. However, as a for-profit business, some insurance agencies may resort to an underhand tactic known as delay, defend and deny, or DDD.

What Is Delay?

The first step post-collision is to file a claim with your insurance provider. Your vehicle is likely in need of collision repairs. One tactic the insurance agent may do is delay the claim as long as possible. The idea is to get you to become impatient. When you’re strapped for time, you may be more inclined to settle for the provider’s proposed settlement to get the process over with.

What Is Deny?

The insurance company may even completely deny your claim by exploiting any loophole they can in your policy contract. Some car owners accept the decision, while others threaten legal action.

What Is Defend?

You may end up with a settlement amount that’s far below the cost of collision repairs, resulting in an exorbitantly high out-of-pocket expense. Your only recourse is to agree to the unfair offer or go through a time- and cost-intensive court proceeding. The insurance company knows most people will accept the offer since they aren’t willing or don’t have the means to take the matter to court.

How to Avoid the Delay, Deny, and Defend Scheme Near Mercer Island

Go over your policy’s contract with a fine-toothed comb. Review the clause about your right to appeal if your claim is denied. Also, be certain all claim forms are filled out correctly. Forms with inaccurate information can be cause for denial. This is even true of forms from prior claims, which can be used to retroactively deny your current claim.

We Restore Your Car Post-Collision

Whether filing a claim for a collision or minor dents and auto paint damage, the insurance company shouldn’t prolong the claims process without legitimate cause. Doug’s Auto Collision Center has worked with many honest insurance providers but also knows that unethical practices exist. Delay, deny, and defend is a practice all car owners should keep an eye out for.

Avoid Delay Defend and Deny Scams Near Mercer Island

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