How to Identify a Drunk Driver on the Road Near Highlands

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People living in or around Highlands are preparing for the holidays. The celebrations may include alcohol. In turn, this may lead to poor judgment among a few people and getting behind the wheel when inebriated. This time of year, it’s more crucial than ever to learn to identify drunk driving on the road and react accordingly.

Signs of Drunken Driving

Some motorists have brought their vehicles to us for collision repairs after being in an accident involving a drunk driver. Some require serious work to restore the crumple zones, while others are relatively minor and only need a dent repair or auto paint touchup.

Be really cognizant this holiday, so you don’t become a victim because of another driver’s poor judgment. Maintain your distance from vehicles moving erratically.

These are the warning signs of an impaired driver:

  • Frequent speeding followed by abrupt braking
  • Failing to turn on the headlights in the evening
  • Abrupt lane switch without signaling
  • Turning corners with a wider than necessary radius
  • Driving on or straddling the lane markers
  • Slow reaction to traffic signs and signals
  • Driving way below the speed limit. Drunk driving is usually associated with speeding. However, it’s also not unusual for impaired drivers to drive at low speeds.

Identify Drunk Driving Near Highlands?

If you spot a possible drunk driver, keep a safe distance and phone law enforcement. Give as much description of the vehicle as you can to the dispatcher. Identify the location, including the street, and describe how the motorist is driving. Don’t make any attempts to stop the driver or get his/her attention. You have dutifully done your part. Let the police handle it from here.

We Perform Collison Repairs

It’s extremely important to be a vigilant driver during the holiday weeks in and around Highlands. Learn to identify drunk driving to keep yourself safe. This is also a good time of the year for taking care of any collision repair needs. Contact Doug’s Auto Collision Center for any needed restoration work.

Learn to Identify Drunk Driving Near Highlands

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