Does Your Collision Shop Perform Aluminum Car Frame Repair Near Issaquah?

aluminum car frame

Auto manufacturers are turning away from conventional steel and more towards aluminum for the car frame. Aluminum provides higher durability and tensile strength at a fraction of the weight. The problem, though, is that not all auto collision shops have adapted their facility to handle aluminum car frame repair. Learn why restoring aluminum frames poses a challenge for many auto body companies.

Why the Move to Aluminum?

The automotive sector is transitioning to aluminum because it’s a lighter form of metal that makes a car more nimble and lightweight. It also lowers emissions and boosts fuel economy. Even more importantly, aluminum has a higher crash energy absorption ability than steel. Plus, aluminum is more recycle-friendly than steel, making the material easier for scrapyards to handle.

Can Repair Shops Handle Aluminum Restoration?

Steel remains the most widely-used material for car frames, though aluminum comes in a close second. Even so, the collision and dent repair industry has been slow in making the necessary adaptation. Most shops still lack the commercial equipment to handle aluminum restoration to industry standards.

Aluminum restoration requires heat treatment to soften the metal and reshape and frame to its original position. The process is very complex and requires the whole frame – not just the damaged area – to be treated. There’s a small margin for error, making it an exceptionally difficult process without the right equipment. Most shops just end up replacing the entire frame, translating to a higher cost for the customer.

Education Is Paramount

It’s not enough to just invest in the right equipment. Technicians must also be adequately trained to handle the repair process. Repairs must be done to the auto manufacturer’s exact specifications, and each manufacturer has a different requirement, dependent on the frame’s composition of aluminum and steel. Guidelines must also be followed regarding the use of welds, rivets, and adhesives.

We Perform Aluminum Car Frame Repair Near Issaquah

We handle collision and dent restoration as well as auto painting for aluminum car frames. Make an appointment with Doug’s Auto Collision Center if your vehicle has incurred functional or aesthetic-level damage. We handle aluminum car frame repair and adhere to the most stringent protocols for getting the process right.

Aluminum Car Frame Restoration Near Issaquah

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