The Proper Way to Respond to a Tailgater Near Factoria

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There’s a reason drivers are encouraged to maintain a three to six-second following distance behind the car ahead. Unfortunately, dealing with a tailgater is something you may have to put up with every now and then on the road. It’s precisely because of tailgating that collision repairs are as common as they are. Learn how to properly and safely respond to a tailgater.

Why Tailgating Is Dangerous

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions make up 23% of all auto accidents. Many of these crashes could have been avoided but occurred because a driver was tailgating for one reason or another.

When you follow too closely to the car ahead, you’re more likely to collide with the vehicle should it suddenly come to a full stop. In other words, you have less time to react, and your car might not have the full stopping distance it needs to avoid a collision.

How to Respond to a Tailgater Near Factoria

Tailgaters make up of two types: aggressive and passive tailgaters.

Aggressive Tailgaters

Aggressive tailgaters intentionally follow you too closely to pressure you into speeding up or changing lanes so they can pass. The best response is to just let them pass and get the potentially dangerous tailgater away from you. It’s best to avoid situations that may lead to a road rage incident.

Passive Tailgaters

Passive tailgaters follow closely but usually do it out of habit, and it has become an ingrained driving behavior. What you should do is slow down gradually. Many drivers instinctively speed up to create more distance. However, you may end up becoming a tailgater yourself by getting too close to the car ahead.

We Restore Your Car After a Collision

Even if you’re a careful driver, some collisions are simply unavoidable. In this scenario, get your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for prompt restoration. Our shop also takes care of dent repair and auto paint scratches stemmed from minor accidents. Learning to respond to a tailgater in a safe manner minimizes the chances of an avoidable collision.

Respond to a Tailgater the Smart Way Near Factoria

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