How to Prevent a Collision in the Garage in Bellevue

garage collision

You may assume your car is safe in the garage. Yet, this is one of the primary locations where your vehicle incurs dents and scratched auto paint. Learn how to minimize a garage collision in Bellevue.

Organization Is Key

The garage is almost always doubled as a storage space for large equipment like tools, old furniture, and old appliances. Most home garages as a consequence become quite messy. It’s not unusual for people to drive into these objects when pulling in or out. If there are objects stacked on top of one another, it could tip over and land on your car.

Keep The Space Well Lit

Garages tend to be poorly lit. This is so even of garages with a window. We suggest upgrading the light source with a brighter incandescent bulb. Some homeowners may want to use an LED bulb for its energy-saving benefits. However, LED bulbs may create signal interference and negatively impact the garage remote control’s range.

Use the Tennis Ball Trick

One hack is to hang a tennis ball from the ceiling. Position it so that the windshield touches the ball when the bumper is about one to two feet from the wall. Pulling far too inside into the garage is a primary cause of front bumper dents.

Turn on the Headlights

This is seemingly common sense when driving at night. However, a lot of drivers switch the light off right before pulling into the garage. You need all the visibility you can get especially if your garage is messy with limited space. You should also turn on the headlights when pulling out.

We Restore Cars from a Garage Collision in Bellevue

With its confined space, the garage is an area where a minor collision is highly probable. Should you incur a dent or scratch, bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. You can easily minimize a garage collision by modifying the room.

Garage Collision Prevention in Bellevue 

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