Summer Car Accidents Near Highlands: Why Collisions Increase This Time of Year

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Statistically, auto collisions increase from the months of June to August. We see an increase in customers bringing in their vehicles for collision repairs during this season. Why are summer car accidents so commonplace? What’s the reason behind the sudden spike?

Teens Are Out of School

According to studies, teens spend 44% more time driving in the summer than during the school months. Naturally, teens are newbies on the road. Less experience driving means more mistakes, such as failing to signal, yielding the right of way, or exceeding the speed limit.

The Heat

Heat indirectly leads to car crashes. How so? High heat leads to issues like tire blowouts and engine overheating, both of which occur mid-commute. This may lead to a collision before the driver can safely pull over. Motorists should use this time to assess their coolant levels and tire pressure. Also, this is a good time to sign up with AAA or other roadside service assistance.

Vacationing Season

More drivers are on the road embarking on lengthy commutes across state lines. This adds to more traffic on highways and freeways, creating a greater likelihood of minor to major fender benders. Drivers may also be more distracted as they fiddle with their GPS or other driving aid.

Road Construction

Construction companies take on more projects in the summer. More road work means more lane closures and drivers having to take an alternative and unfamiliar route. Increased detours and more cars crammed into fewer lanes ultimately lead to more collisions.

Stay Safe from Summer Car Accidents in or Around Highlands

Involved in a collision? From minor fender benders to major collisions, you can rely on Doug’s Auto Collision Center for repairs. We handle the full restoration process, from dent repair to frame straightening. Be mindful on the road this season to avoid summer car accidents.

Collision Repair for Summer Car Accidents Near Highlands

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Posted on June 14, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business