Do Car Dent Pullers Near Issaquah Work?

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Car owners have a tendency to gravitate towards quick fixes to save time and money. After all, isn’t this avenue worth exploring if it can prevent a trip to the local collision repair shop? Car dent pullers are one such quick-fix permeating the market. Do they actually pull a dent back into place? 

Car Dent Pullers Near Issaquah; How They Work

A car dent puller performs precisely what its name suggests. You can find these gadgets at your typical automotive store and certainly on Amazon. They range from $15 to $80. Two main styles of pullers are available: suction and glue-based pullers.

Suction pullers work like a plunger. Attach it to the dent, and the suction power pulls the metal back into place. You may have to apply the puller multiple times to get it to firmly attach to the frame.

With glue-based pullers, you glue the device onto the dent. The puller has leg-like attachments that sit just outside the dent. The puller has a tab that you twist to pull the dent back in place.

Do They Work?

Do these pullers actually work as seen on television and in demonstrations? Here’s the truth: pullers may work on shallow dents. On deeper dents, they may not work, or if it does, it may leave a permanent indentation and a clear sign that a dent was once there. Think about it; if dent pullers truly worked like magic, then there would be no need for professional paintless dent repairs.

We don’t advise using dent pullers if paint damage is also present. A professional technician will need to fix the auto paint upon restoring the dent.

We Restore all Dents

Only an auto technician can completely restore a dent. Store-bought dent pullers are only effective on the most surface-level dents. For more severe blemishes, bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. In spite of the claims, car dent pullers simply often don’t perform the way they’re marketed.

Car Dent Pullers not Working? Let Us Help Near Issaquah

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