Why Frame Measuring Matters in a Collision Repair in Factoria

frame measuring, frame measurementWhat appears on the surface to be a minor collision can cause hidden damage. This can make your vehicle unsafe should another collision take place at a later point. This is why frame measuring is a big deal as part of the collision repair process.

Frame Measuring Explained

Before we discuss frame measuring, we need to explain what happens during an automotive impact. When two vehicles collide, the frame absorbs the majority of force to lessen the impact in the interior. This can cause the frame to bend or warp out of alignment. This may also occur in areas of the frame opposite of the impact zone.

Frame measuring assesses the degree that the frame is out of alignment after a collision. Doug’s Auto Collision Center employs a computerized system that includes lasers, ultrasound technology, and other commercial devices to ensure absolute precision. The frame measurement process examines whether a frame can be restored or if it needs to be replaced. If the latter, data acquired from the system determines the precise measurement and specs for the replacement frame.

Signs of a Bent Car Frame

  • It requires more force than normal to completely shut the door
  • The car pulls in one direction even when the steering wheel is straight
  • You hear a squeaking sound that comes from one side of the car
  • An inspection from a mechanic yields uneven suspension and shock wear

If you detect one or more of these signs, make an appointment at an auto collision center. A general auto repair shop might not have a frame measuring system to accurately assess the frame.

We Use a State-of-the-art Frame Measuring System in Factoria

Using the frame measurement process ensures the structural integrity of your car frame after it leaves our shop. Even if a collision only leads to an apparently minor dent or scratch to the auto paint, underlying damage may have incurred. Frame measuring detects damage that can’t be observed even by the trained naked eye.

Accurate Frame Measurement for all Car Models in Factoria

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