Five Unsuspecting Items That Damage Car Paint in Renton

car paint damageAuto paint is susceptible to erosion from exposure to everyday items. Here’s a list of such items that you may have in close proximity to your car. Keep in mind that they can cause car paint damage despite containing seemingly normal and harmless compounds.

1. Soda and Coffee

Do you make routine beverage runs at your local cafe or gas station? Do you set the drink on the hood while fumbling with the keys? Even a small spill can damage the paint. Both coffee and fountain drinks are acidic in nature and can strip the paint of its exterior coating. On top of that, the sugar can cause a grimy residue.

2. Shaving Cream

Spraying shaving cream on a vehicle is an age-old prank. What’s the harm? After all, it washes right off with water, right? Actually, this can be quite damaging. Shaving cream contains a resin that can leave behind a stain after it dries out. If your car is a victim of the shaving cream prank, use a hose to wash away the cream right away.

3. Silly String

Instead of shaving cream, pranksters may opt to use silly string. While you can easily remove silly string by hand, the string has the same resin as shaving cream. In addition, it also contains color dyes that can cause paint to discolor. 

4. Gasoline

Gasoline should never make contact with a car surface. When filling up, be careful the gas doesn’t drip onto the vehicle’s frame. Droplets that evaporate on the surface can strip the outer coating. Many gas stations have paper towels adjacent to the pump. Use them to wipe away fuel that gets on the car surface.

5. Brake Fluid

This is another fluid that’s integral for car health but should never touch the vehicle’s surface. Be particularly mindful of non-silicone-based liquids. These have properties of paint thinners and can cause paint to peel away.

We Restore Car Paint Damage in Renton

Our collision repair shop also addresses cosmetic damage. Doug’s Auto Collision Center performs both dent repair and auto paint restoration. We recommend car owners to be cognizant of everyday items that can induce car paint damage.

Car Paint Damage Restoration in Renton

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