Can Snow Damage Your Car in Bellevue?

snow car damage, snow damageBellevue is by no means the snowiest region, though snowfall does occur in winter from time to time. This can be detrimental to your vehicle. How so? We discuss how snow damage increases the probability of a collision.

How Does Snow Damage Your Car?

During winter, city employees spray the road with salt to de-ice the surface. While great for making roads less slippery, the salt mixes with the ice. When the snow melts, the saltwater results in a chemical reaction that corrodes metal. It also erodes the auto paint. Worse still, the saltwater can reach the suspension and cause structural damage. Eventually, it gradually makes its way to exposed parts, such as the shocks, joints, and engine block.

Snow Increases Odds of an Accident

Snow makes roads increasingly slippery, though the salt does improve the traction and tire-gripping ability. Snow can also freeze the windshield wipers against the glass, rendering them inoperable. Most commuters are oblivious to this until they try to switch the wipers on mid-commute. When the rain/snow obscures your view and the wipers won’t respond, visibility becomes a major issue, elevating the chances of an accident. Always inspect the wipers beforehand.


How can you reduce your car’s direct contact with snow? Park inside the garage if possible. You can also loosen road salt by using an oil-based under-spray. We also suggest applying a coat of wax if heavy snow is in the forecast. This serves as a protective barrier that safeguards the metal parts from corrosion.

We Restore and Minimize Snow Damage in Bellevue

We see an increase in business in winter. This includes dent damage from hail or the damage caused by road salt. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center to check the condition of your vehicle. Snow damage is not unheard of in this region.

Snow Damage Repair in Bellevue

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