Should You Rely on Insurance Photo Estimates in Mercer Island?

insurance photo estimate, insurance photosMore insurance agencies are shortening the claims process with insurance photo estimates. Just snap a photo of the damage and submit it to the agency. Several weeks later, you receive a check in the mail. Is this process legit, or are you being low-balled?

The Truth About Insurance Photo Estimates in Mercer Island

We don’t deny that photo estimates are convenient and save you tremendous time and hassle. This reduces a lot of logistics for both the insured motorist and insurance company. Some agencies even have their own crash claim app.

You definitely need to snap photos of all collision damage, including minor dents and auto paint scratches. However, according to insurance data, two-thirds of claims are underpaid if the cases are resolved within two days. The odds increase when you solely rely on photo estimates.

Do This Instead

In addition to the photos, bring your vehicle to a collision repair shop. A mechanic can assess the damage up close to determine a more accurate and precise estimate. Photos alone typically don’t capture damage beneath the frame. As a result, the insurance adjuster may just pay for what looks to be cosmetic damage. In reality, the car may also have incurred damage that impacted the crumple zone. You now have to submit a corrected claim, leading to additional hassle.

As a general rule, only use photo estimates for minor impacts. If the collision caused bodily injury or if the fault is uncertain, then bring your car to an auto shop.

Let a Certified Mechanic Assess the Damage

Drop your car off at Doug’s Auto Collison Center after a collision. We know this is highly inconvenient and a major nuisance. However, by relying only on insurance photo estimates, you risk receiving a claim amount far below what’s needed to fully recoup repair costs.

We Provide a More Accurate Assessment Than Insurance Photo Estimates in Mercer Island

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Posted on January 14, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business