Preliminary Vs Accurate Repair Estimate in Issaquah: What’s the Difference?

repair estimate, preliminary estimate, accurate estimateFor a collision or other auto repair, you need to obtain a repair estimate. One of the inquiries we get frequently is if we charge for an estimate. The short answer is no. More accurately, though, it depends on whether you’re requesting a preliminary estimate or an accurate estimate.

What Is a Preliminary Repair Estimate?

We don’t charge for a preliminary repair estimate. In fact, we recommend avoiding any collision shops that charge for this basic service.

For a preliminary estimate, bring your car to our station. We’ll take note of the surface-level damages, determine labor cost, and factor in other potential work, such as auto paint restoration.

This service comes at no cost to the customer, but the estimate is in the ballpark range. Expect the actual cost to be plus or minus a few hundred dollars. In rare instances, the difference could be in the four-digit range

Many car owners take their car to two or three collision shops for a preliminary repair estimate. It’s not unusual to get widely different figures between shops.

What Is an Accurate Repair Estimate?

More often, collisions cause hidden damages. You cannot determine the extent of damage from a visible inspection alone; it requires a partial disassembling of the damaged sections. This means physical labor, time, and commercial equipment. Because of these factors, the shop has to charge a fee. As implied in the name, though, an accurate estimate is more closely accurate to the final cost.

However, if you agree to the repairs, then the fee is factored into the final price. This is not a surplus fee since taking the car apart is something the technicians have to do regardless. The shop where you get an accurate repair estimate is typically the shop you choose for repairs.

We Provide Preliminary and Accurate Estimates

Bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an initial estimate, which factors crumple zone restoration, dent repair, and more. Preliminary and accurate repair estimates both give motorists and their insurance providers a gauge of the actual cost.

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