Can Autumn Leaves Around Highlands Damage Your Car?

car damage leaves, autumn leaves damage, fall leaves damageAutumn is here. For various tree species, this means the yearly cycle of shedding their leaves in preparation for new growth. Leaves are practically weightless and may seem harmless. However, car damage from leaves is actually a real thing.

How Do Leaves Damage Your Car?

The damage is primarily at the aesthetic level. Fall leaves decompose wherever they land. As the natural decomposition process occurs, the leaves ooze sap, tannic acids, and other natural compounds. If leaves remain on your vehicle for hours, they can degrade onto the surface and damage the auto paint. In some instances, it may also leave a fossil-like imprint on your vehicle. While autumn leaves don’t cause dents, they can lead to micro-abrasions.

Highlands and surrounding cities have relatively humid fall weather. The moisture and fluctuation in warm and cool air speed up the leaves’ deterioration process and hastens erosion to car surfaces.

Leaves on the road also indirectly damage your vehicle. Leaves cover up potholes, curbs, and dips in the road. Wet fall leaves can also create slippery surfaces and increase the chances of the car spinning out of control and causing a collision.


If possible, don’t park your car under a tree. If you park outside and don’t commute every day, inspect the car once a day to brush away any leaves. Fall is also a good time for a wash and wax. The wax provides a coating that protects the paint from leaf residue. The wax will also prep the car for the harsher elements in the ensuing winter.

We Restore Car Damage from Leaves

What makes leaves harmful is that most car owners ignore them because they’re unaware of the potential damage they can cause. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center if an onslaught of leaves damaged your paint. Car damage from leaves peaks during fall; take preventive action to preserve the paintwork.

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