4 Myths About Auto Body Shops

body shop mythsIf you have been involved in a collision, you have a number of details to look after. You need to select a body shop to perform the repairs and deal with the insurance company. The entire process is stressful, and part of the stress is due to a number of body shop myths. Listed below are some myths … as well as the truth.

Body Shop Myth No. 1

Dealerships do a more reliable job of collision repairs after an accident than independent body shops.

Truth: This is simply not true. Many car owners believe only a dealership can order factory parts for their vehicle. At Doug’s Auto Collision Center, we work with original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts regularly and avoid using inferior aftermarket parts.

Body Shop Myth No. 2

A car repaired by an auto body shop will never be restored to its pre-accident condition.

Truth: In the case of a severe collision, a car may be declared a write-off and be taken off the road. If the car is repairable, the body shop technicians are highly trained and can restore it to its pre-accident condition. Doug’s Auto Collision Center hires iCar certified mechanics.

Body Shop Myth No. 3

You must use the auto body shop recommended by your insurance company.

Truth: The insurance company may provide a list of recommended service providers. However, you are free to take your car to any garage or auto body shop of your choosing. It will not affect whether the insurance company will pay for the repairs.

Body Shop Myth No. 4.

If you don’t choose the auto body shop the insurance company suggests, the warranty won’t go into effect.

Truth: The warranty on the work is offered by the body shop, not the insurance company. The terms are fixed by the provider doing the repair work. Be sure to ask about the terms of the warranty before you agree to have any repair work done; be sure that you understand them beforehand. Doug’s Auto Collision Center offers a lifetime guarantee on all work performed. This applies to all parts of the restoration, including dent repairs and auto painting.

Bring your car to our shop to get a free estimate today for all your auto bodywork. Don’t let these body shop myths mislead you.

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