What Happens to Your Car Insurance Rate After an Accident?

insurance rate after accidentAfter an auto collision, the condition of your car is just one of your many concerns. You may also be worried about insurance adjusters. What exactly happens to your insurance rate after an accident? Does it skyrocket, or are the concerns completely unfounded?

The Truth About Insurance Rates After an Accident

We can’t give you a straightforward “yes” or “no” regarding whether your insurance rate goes up after an accident. So many variables are at play. One of the biggest factors is whether you were at fault or your degree of culpability in the collision. If you were determined to be at fault or partly at fault, then you will probably see a rate increase. If you have a history of being in accidents, then you may also see a rate spike. This applies even if you were not at fault in any of the collisions.

Other factors that may come into play include your driving history. Do you have a record of tickets and traffic violations?

How Much Does the Rate Go Up?

Again, many variables come into play. Expect anywhere from a 3% to 50% increase in what you were paying before the accident. This is obviously a huge range, and only your insurance agent can give you a precise answer.

We work with insurance companies all the time, so we have an idea regarding rates and estimates. Nevertheless, we are in the automotive repair industry and are not an insurance company. For accurate answers regarding post-accident insurance rates, always speak with your insurance provider.

Let Us Handle the Collision Repairs

Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center after a collision. We can restore the vehicle frame, as well as restore any dents and auto paint damage. As far as your insurance rate after an accident goes, that comes down to a combination of multiple factors.

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