Is DIY Towing a Possible Solution?

DIY towing, do-it-yourself towingIf your car breaks down, instead of calling AAA, would it be good to have a friend tow the car for you? It’s doable, but we don’t recommend it for several reasons. We always suggest calling a professional tow service to tow your car to our collision repair center. Here’s why do-it-yourself (DIY) towing isn’t a good idea.

Risk of Further Damage

A commercial tow truck has the appropriate equipment, axles, engine, and specialized frames for towing a civilian vehicle. It can also support the car’s full weight. Towing a residential vehicle using another residential vehicle can cause further damage to both cars. The vehicle doing the towing may incur brake and transmission wear. The towed car risks damage to the front bumper where people usually connect the ropes or chains.

You May Be Breaking the Law

Each state has its own law regarding civilian towing. Cities may also have their own ordinances. Typically, you require a tow rope, cable, or chain. Furthermore, the towed car needs to have a white flag or cloth a minimum of 12-square inches displayed on the connection.

Review the local city guidelines; otherwise, you may be pulled over and cited with a hefty fine for do-it-yourself (DIY) towing.

Professional Towing Is Covered (Usually)

Check with your insurance. Coverage may include the cost of tow services to a collision center. If it’s covered, why hassle a friend to tow your car and risk citation or damage to his own car?

We generally don’t recommend DIY towing unless the person doing the towing really understands both the process and the laws.

DIY Towing Is Not Worth the Risk

If your car requires towing, have it towed to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. Apart from collision repairs, we can also fix up any dents and scratched auto paint. DIY towing is a risky endeavor that we advise avoiding altogether.

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