Protect Your Car from Polymer Degradation

polymer degradation, car polymerPolymer is found in increasing abundance in modern cars. As durable as the material is, it is still susceptible to fading and discoloration with the passage of time. Here’s how you can reduce polymer degradation and preserve the car’s paint and other polymer surfaces.

What Is Polymer?

At the chemical level, polymer consists of elongated chains of molecules. Wood and rubber are common forms of natural polymer. However, the material is also derived synthetically and can be found in items ranging from shopping bags to nylon stockings.

In the automotive industry, polymers make up a portion of a car’s plastics, rubber, and vinyl. You’ll find these in the bumper, spoiler, and the trim that borders the window. Polymer is tough yet durable; on top of that, it’s also relatively inexpensive, making collision repairs affordable.

Polymer in Paint

Auto paint also contains polymers. The molecules produce a coating that really enhances the paint’s color and gloss. It also forms a protective barrier against external contaminants.

For all its durability, polymer degradation can occur over time, mainly from UV ray exposure. The end result is a faded appearance or visible cracks in the paint.

How to Prevent Polymer Degradation

The biggest prevention measure is to keep the car out of the sun as much as possible. This is easy if you have a garage. If you must park outside, keep it in the shade or use a car cover if possible.

You should also apply wax at least once every three months when you wash your car. The accumulation of dirt and debris can also degrade the polymer, so wash frequently.

We Restore Car Surfaces

Even if your car’s paint was badly damaged in a collision, we can restore it to its original gloss. We can also remove any dents in the process. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. Don’t let polymer degradation ruin your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Auto Paint Restoration

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