Delay, Deny, Defend: What You Need to Know About This Insurance Scam

insurance scam, delay deny defendInsurance companies are for-profit businesses. Your best interest may not always be their priority; rather, it’s about maximizing revenue. One way they achieve this end is through a common insider scam known as delay, deny, and defend, or DDD.

What Is Delay?

After an accident, the first step to take is to contact your insurance provider to file a claim. Your car is needs collision repairs. Even so, the provider may unnecessarily delay or procrastinate, making you as impatient as possible. When you become impatient, you are more inclined to accept the provider’s proposed settlement.

What Is Deny?

The insurance agency may even flat-out deny your claim using any possible and obscure loophole. Some car owners accept defeat, while others take the insurance provider to court.

What Is Defend?

You may ultimately be offered a settlement amount far below the cost of repairs, leaving you with an outrageously high out-of-pocket expense. This gives owners little option but to accept the unfair offer or to defend themselves in court. Insurance agents know many car owners aren’t willing to go through a costly and time-intensive court battle. This leads eventually to the acceptance of the offer.

How to Avoid the Delay, Deny, and Defend Scheme

Always read the fine print in your contract regarding policy coverage. Carefully read the section regarding your right to appeal if your claim is denied. Also, be sure all claim forms are filed correctly. Improperly filed forms can be used against you. This is even true of forms from a past claim, which can be used to retroactively deny coverage.

We Restore Your Vehicle Post-Collision

Whether it’s a claim for a collision or minor dents and auto paint damage, the insurance provider should not be dragging their feet. Doug’s Auto Collision Center takes its integrity seriously when it works with insurance companies. Protect yourself from the shady practice of delay, deny, and defend.

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