Does Your Collision Shop Perform Aluminum Car Frame Repair?

aluminum car frameCar manufacturers are slowly turning away from steel frames and towards aluminum frames. This material provides similar durability yet is lighter in weight. Not every collision shop, though, is equipped to handle aluminum car frame repair. Here’s why this form of frame restoration is a challenge.

Why the Transition to Aluminum?

The auto industry has transitioned to aluminum frames because it weighs less, shaving off a car’s base weight by up to several hundred pounds. The lighter weight means improved fuel economy and lower emissions. Pound-for-pound, aluminum also has twice the crash energy absorption capability of steel. Aluminum is also easily recyclable, making its production environmentally friendly.

Can Repair Shops Handle Aluminum Car Frame Repairs?

Aluminum is now the second-most widely used car material next to steel. Despite this, the collision and dent repair industry has been slow to accommodate the changes. Few have the necessary equipment and training to tackle aluminum repair work.

Aluminum frame repair requires heat. Heat is applied to soften the metal, making it soft enough to reshape the frame. The heat application is a very intricate process as the whole frame—and not just the damaged area—must be heated. Due to the complexity and small margin for error, many shops just opt to replace the entire frame. This means a higher cost to the car owner.

Education Is Paramount

Not every technician can perform aluminum frame repair. Different types of aluminum frames exist. Different aluminums require different heating applications and welding wires. The wire needs to be matched to the manufacturer’s requirements. Additional training is also required regarding the use of adhesives, rivets, and welds.

We Perform Aluminum Frame Repair

We perform collision and dent repair as well as auto painting for aluminum car frames. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center regardless of the model. We have the proper equipment and trained technicians for handling aluminum car frame repair.

Aluminum Car Frame Restoration

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