The Proper Way to Respond to a Tailgater

respond to a tailgater, tailgater response, tailgatingTailgating is discouraged for the obvious reason that it drastically increases the likelihood of a collision. In fact, tailgating is one of the reasons collision repairs are so commonplace. What do you do, though, when someone is tailgating you? We explain how to respond to a tailgater in a nonconfrontational manner.

Why Tailgating Is Dangerous

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions account for 23% of all collisions. Many of these incidents were preventable but occurred due to tailgating.

When you drive too close to the driver ahead of you, the distance it takes your car to stop doesn’t change. This means you have less time to react and come to a full stop should the driver in front makes a sudden move.

How to Deal with a Tailgater

Tailgaters fall into two categories: aggressive and passive tailgaters.

Aggressive Tailgaters

Aggressive tailgaters intentionally drive too close in order to get you to switch lanes so they can pass. The solution? Let them pass. It’s not worth holding your ground and instigating a possible road rage incident. Aggressive tailgaters are persistent with a “get out of my way” mindset.

Passive Tailgaters

Tailgaters of this variety simply drive too close out of habit; in most cases, it’s unconscious. The solution is too slow down gradually. You may be tempted to increase speed in order to create more distance with the tailgater. However, you run the risk of ending up too close to the driver ahead, making you the tailgater.

We Restore Your Car After a Collision

Even if you apply all of the above, a collision may still occur. Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for dent repair and auto painting if you were in a fender bender. Learning how to respond to a tailgater minimizes the likelihood of a collision and a potential road rage fiasco.

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