How to Prevent a Collision in the Garage

garage collision

The garage is where your car is supposed to be safe. Yet, this is one of the top spots where your precious vehicle experiences dents and scratched auto paint. Find out how to prevent a collision in the garage.

Organization Is Key

The garage is the natural storage solution for power tools, bikes, lawn equipment, etc. As such, the garage can quickly become a mess. You can easily drive right into these objects as you pull in or out. By keeping everything neat and tidy, you greatly reduce the odds of a collision with a haphazardly placed item in the garage.

Keep It Well Lit

The garage is usually poorly lit, even if it’s daytime and the garage door has windows. Consider adding a brighter incandescent bulb for the garage door opener unit. While tempting, refrain from using CFL or LED bulbs because these may emit interference and limit the remote control’s range.

Use the Tennis Ball Trick

An old trick is to suspend a tennis ball from the ceiling. Position it so that your windshield touches the ball when the bumper is a few inches from the wall. This lets you know to stop and cut the engine. Pulling too far forward is a common cause of bumper dents.

Turn on the Headlights

This sounds like common sense for nighttime drivers. However, some drivers turn off the lights before pulling into the garage. You want all the visibility you can get especially if your garage is cluttered and limited in space. Have your lights on even if you are pulling out.   

Prevent a Needless Collision in the Garage

With its tight space, the garage is a likely area for a light collision. Should you incur a dent or scuff, bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. A collision in the garage is preventable by modifying the space. 

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