Summer Car Accidents: Why Collisions Increase This Time of Year

summer driving

Statistically, auto collisions increase during the summer months. This is apparent to us as we see a spike in collision repairs. Why are the number of summer car accidents so much higher compared to other seasons?

Teens Are Out of School

According to research, teens spend about 44% more time behind the wheel in the summer than during the school months. More inexperienced drivers on the road for longer periods ultimately leads to more collisions. Teens are also more likely to be involved in distracted driving.

The Heat

Heat indirectly causes car accidents. How so? Heat is the main cause of car troubles, such as engine overheating and tire blowouts. These occur while the car is in motion. If the driver is unable to safely pull over, a collision may incur.

This is an especially good time of year to check your tire pressure and coolant levels. You should also have the number of AAA or another tow service on your phone for emergencies.

Vacationing Season

More motorists are on the road for lengthy cross-country trips. This adds to the existing traffic congestion. This also means more drivers are travelling on unfamiliar roads. Those same drivers may also be more distracted as they fiddle with their phones for directions.

Road Construction

Many road construction companies increase their workload during the summer and scale back in winter. With road construction comes changes in driving conditions, such as detours and the temporary shutdown of traffic lanes. This forces more cars to share fewer lanes and take unfamiliar routes.

Involved in a Summer Car Accident?

If you are involved in a collision this summer, bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. We perform dent repair and auto paint restoration; dents and faded paint also increase during this season. Stay safe on the road and be aware of summer car accidents.

Summertime Auto Collision Repairs

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