What Do You Do After a Collision on Private Property?

private property collision

The vast majority of car accidents occur on public roads. However, a few of our customers come to us for collision repairs after an accident on private property. What do you do then? What is the appropriate course of action after a collision occurs on private property?

Were You Involved in a Collision on Private Property?

If a collision occurred, respond the way you normally would for an accident on public roads. This means call law enforcement and document the scene. Take photos of damages, collect witness info, etc. Be sure also to report the incident to your insurance company and the local DMV.

Who Is Responsible?

The city bears no responsibility when an accident occurs on public grounds. This holds true even if, say, a neglected pothole, was a contributing factor. The city has no liability, so you can’t file a claim against the municipality. 

The rules differ, though, in a collision on private property. Aside from the two parties that were behind the wheel, the property owner can also share liability. When is the property owner liable? An example would be a collision in a privately-owned garage due to enormous blind spots or extremely narrow lanes.

In some instances, the property owner may bear liability even in cases where an at-fault driver flees the scene. An example is a hit-and-run after colliding with a parked car. The owner of the parked vehicle may file a claim on the property owner’s premises liability policy. 

We Service Your Vehicle After a Collision 

Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center regardless of whether the collision occurred on public or private grounds. We perform major frame repairs and minor touchups, such as dent repair and auto paint restoration. Speak with your insurer to determine what to do after a collision on private property.

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