Do Car Dent Pullers Work?

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People naturally look for quick-fixes in order to save a few bucks. After all, who wouldn’t want to save themselves a trip to their local collision repair center? The car dent puller is one such quick-fix. Do they work? That’s the critical question we’ll attempt to answer.

How Does a Car Dent Puller Work?

A car dent puller does exactly what its name implies. You can find one in most automotive stores and definitely at Amazon. It will run anywhere from $15 to $70. Two types of pullers exist: suction and glue-based pullers.

Suction pullers work similarly to a plunger. Just attach it to the dent, and the force of the suction pops the metal back into place. The suction may come off a few times, so expect to reapply as necessary until the puller firmly attaches.

With glue-based pullers, you glue the contraption onto the dent. The puller has legs that sit just outside the dent. The puller has a pulling tab that you twist to pull the dent back in place.

Do They Work?

What everyone is wondering is whether these pullers work as advertised. If they worked like magic, our paintless dent repairs would be obsolete. Unfortunately, they don’t always perform as expected. They may work on shallow dents on a flat surface. On deeper dents, and dents on angular surfaces, they provide an imperfect finish. 

We do not recommend a dent puller at all if the dent has accompanying paint damage. A professional will need to restore the auto paint after fixing the dent.

We Restore all Dents

Only a professional can fully restore a dent. Dent repair kits only work on the most surface-level dents. For deeper blemishes, bring your vehicle to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. Contrary to the claims, car dent pullers often don’t live up to the claims.

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