Why Frame Measuring Matters in a Collision Repair

frame measuring, frame measurementEven seemingly minor collisions can cause hidden damage. This can seriously compromise safety should another collision occur in the future. This is why frame measuring is so important during collision repairs.

What Is Frame Measuring?

Before we explain frame measuring, we need to talk a bit about what happens during a collision. When cars collide, the vehicle’s frame absorbs the bulk of force in order to minimize the impact inside the cabin. This can cause the frame to bend out of alignment, sometimes in areas away from the point of impact.

Frame measuring is a way of measuring the degree, if any, that the frame is out of alignment after a collision. Doug’s Auto Collision Center uses a computerized frame measuring system that includes lasers, ultrasound technology, and other high-speed electronics for pinpoint accuracy. The frame measurement process determines whether a frame can be bent back in shape or if the car needs a replacement frame. If the latter, data from the system determines the precise measurement for the replacement frame.

Signs of a Bent Car Frame

  • You need to use more force than usual to completely shut the door
  • The car pulls in one direction without turning the steering wheel
  • You hear a squealing noise that comes from one side of the vehicle
  • A trip to an auto shop reveals uneven suspension and shock wear

If you detect any of these signs, bring your car to an auto collision center. A typical auto repair shop might not have a frame measuring system to detect a compromised frame.

We Use the Latest Frame Measuring System

Using the frame measurement process ensures the continued integrity of your vehicle frame after it leaves our shop. Even if a collision only causes a minor dent or scratch to the auto paint, your car might have underlying damage. Frame measuring helps us detect frame misalignment not visible to the naked eye.

Accurate Frame Measurement for all Vehicle Models

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