Five Unsuspecting Items That Damage Car Paint

car paint damageAuto paint is more fragile than most people realize. Here’s a surprising list of everyday items that can damage car paint. You’ll notice that this list contains seemingly benign materials; but each of them can erode paint.

1. Coffee and Soda

Do you make morning coffee runs at your local Starbucks? Don’t set the drink on the hood of your car while you fiddle with your keys. A spill is detrimental to the paint. Coffee and soda are highly acidic, which means that these drinks can burn away the outer coating. The sugar can also leave behind a sticky residue.

2. Shaving Cream

Spraying shaving cream on a car is a common prank. However, the prank isn’t as harmless as one might think. The cream leaves behind a resin that can leave a stain once it dries. If your car falls victim to this prank, then wash the cream off immediately with soapy water.

3. Silly String

In lieu of shaving cream, pranksters could use silly string instead. While easily removable, the string contains resins and colorants that cause discoloration.

4. Gasoline

Gasoline belongs inside a car, not on its surface. When filling the tank, be sure the gas doesn’t drip onto the car’s surface. Droplets that evaporate can burn off the clear coat. Most fuel stations have paper towels next to the pump that you can use to wipe away any gasoline residue.

5. Brake Fluid

This is another liquid that is vital for a car but has no business resting on the surface. Be especially careful of non-silicone-based fluids. These act as paint thinners and can cause paint to peel.

We Remove Items That Damage Car Paint

Our collision repair center also handles damage at the aesthetic level. Doug’s Auto Collision Center handles both dent repair and auto paint touchups. We advise car owners to be alert for common items that damage car paint.

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