How to Spot a Drunk Driver on the Road

drunk driverEveryone in Bellevue is gearing up for the holidays. Enjoying the festivities often entails alcohol, and some people who’ve been drinking make the horrific decision to get behind the wheel. To stay safe on the road, learn how to spot a drunk driver.

Signs of Drunken Driving

Some clients bring their cars to us for collision repairs after being in a fender bender with a drunk driver. Some require major restorative work to the frame, while others only require a dent repair or auto paint touchup.

Be especially careful this holiday to avoid falling victim to an impaired driver. Keep your distance from cars moving erratically.

These are the common signs of an impaired driver:

  • Constant speeding followed by sudden braking
  • Driving without turning on the headlights at night
  • Sudden lane changes without signaling
  • Turning with an extremely wide radius
  • Driving on or straddling the lane markers
  • Unusually slow responses to traffic signs and signals
  • Driving far below the speed limit. Many people associate drunk driving with speeding. However, drunk drivers also commonly drive at low speeds.

What to Do if You Spot a Drunk Driver

If you spot a possible drunk driver, maintain your distance and call the police. Provide as much description of the vehicle as you can to the dispatcher. Report the location, including the street, and describe the motorist’s driving behavior. Do not attempt to stop the driver or get his attention. You have already done your duty; leave the rest to law enforcement.

We Perform Collision Repair Year-Round

We can’t stress enough the importance of vigilance on the road. While you might be a responsible driver, others might not be. Contact Doug’s Auto Collision Center this holiday to restore your car before the end of the year. Be especially wary on the road if you spot a drunk driver.

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