Preliminary Vs Accurate Repair Estimate: What’s the Difference?

repair estimate, preliminary estimate, accurate estimateFor a collision, or any other auto repair, you need to acquire a repair estimate. One of the questions we often receive is whether we charge for an estimate. The short answer is no. More accurately, though, it depends whether you want a preliminary estimate or an accurate estimate.

What Is a Preliminary Repair Estimate?

We provide a preliminary repair estimate free of charge. In fact, we suggest staying away from any collision shops that charge for this basic service.

For a preliminary estimate, bring your car to our shop. We will make note of the visible damages, determine labor cost, and factor additional work, such as auto paint restoration.

The process is free, but the estimate in the ballpark. Expect the actual cost to be plus or minus a few hundred or thousand dollars.

You can take your car to multiple collision shops for a preliminary repair estimate.

What Is an Accurate Repair Estimate?

More often than not, collisions result in hidden damages. You cannot assess the damage from a visible inspection alone; it requires a partial teardown of the damaged areas. This entails physical labor, time, and professional equipment. Because of this, the shop charges a fee. As suggested in the name, though, an accurate estimate far more accurately reflects the final cost.

However, if you proceed with repairs, then the fee is a component of the final price. This is not a surplus fee since taking the car apart is something repairers have to do anyway. The shop where you acquire an accurate repair estimate is usually the shop you settle with for repairs.

We Provide Preliminary Estimates and Accurate Estimates

Bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center for an initial estimate, which factors crumple zone restoration, dent repair, and more. Preliminary estimates and accurate estimates both give owners and their insurance provider an idea of the final cost of repairs.

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