What to Do After a Collision with an Animal

animal collisionWhile not too common, wildlife occasionally wanders into the urban areas of cities like Bellevue. Spotting the occasional deer or raccoon is a beautiful sight. However, a collisions with an animal is also not uncommon. What exactly do you do if this occurs?

Does My Insurance Cover It?

Most comprehensive automobile insurance does cover damage from collisions with a large animal. Collision coverage, despite its name, usually does not cover damages from hitting an animal. The average collision repair cost for hitting a deer, by the way, is around $3,200.

I Had a Collision With an Animal; What Do I Do?

Do not flee the scene. This constitutes a hit-and-run and may incur stiff penalties. First, pull over and activate your emergency lights. Make sure everyone is okay and call the police. We also highly recommend taking pictures of the damage. The documentation will be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

As for the animal, if it’s still alive but badly wounded, do not attempt to move it. When the police arrive, they will contact wildlife control to handle the matter.

What if I Hit a Dog?

Domestic pets are not wildlife. Hitting a dog or cat is a different issue. Again, file a police report and document the damage. In this instance, the pet’s owner is liable for the damage to your car. The owner’s homeowner policy may cover the damage. Owners may also settle out of pocket instead of filing a claim.

Since pets are smaller than a deer, the damage is usually limited to dents or scratched auto paint.

We Repair Animal-Related Damages

Every now and then, a motorist comes to us with front-end damage after hitting an animal. Call Doug’s Auto Collision if you’re in a similar predicament. A collision with an animal can cause multiple levels of damage.

Animal-Related Collision Repairs

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