The Importance of Car Body Plastic Repairs

car body plastic, auto plasticHere’s a fun fact for curious motorists: modern cars contain a large number of plastic parts. Parts, such as the interior bumper, door panels, and equipment housing, contain mainly plastic material. With this in mind, collision repair centers need to be well versed in car body plastic repairs.

Why so Much Plastic?

People unfairly demonize plastic as being a cheap and low-quality material. This is far from the truth. Plastic reduces a car’s weight and improves fuel efficiency. Plastic is also more resistant to corrosion. Once the car is headed for the junkyard, the plastic is also easier to recycle than the steel and aluminum.

Benefits of Car Body Plastic Repairs

Let’s say you have a minor fender bender that cracks the bumper. In the old days, the mechanic would have to order a new bumper. He would then have to apply a large batch of matching auto paint before installing the new bumper.

With modern technology, technicians can easily repair the plastic underneath the bumper. They can patch the existing piece, spot blend some paint, and the bumper is good as new. The benefits of auto plastic repairs include lower repair costs and faster turnaround time.

Not all Shops Can Repair Plastics

Restoring plastic car parts is not as simple as one might expect. The exact repair process differs depending, for example, on whether the material is thermoset or thermoplastic. This determines the eventual dent repair method, which may include a chemical bonding process or airless welding.

We Repair all Plastic Parts

Our technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of car repair, from restoring crumple zones to repairing plastic. Whether you have been in a major collision or minor accident, bring your car to Doug’s Auto Collision Center. We perform car body plastic repair on all vehicle makes and models.

Auto Plastic Parts Restoration

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