The Importance of Electronic Recalibration in Collision Repairs

electronic recalibrationIn modern vehicles, the computer controls safety technologies, such as lane departure warning and blind spot detection. These features save lives on the road. However, a collision—even a minor fender bender—can throw these systems out of balance. As part of collision repairs, a technician must also perform electronic recalibration.

Why Electronic Recalibration Is Necessary

Collision repair isn’t just about restoring the frame and crumple zone. Modern cars have multiple computers, sensors, and radar, all of which are ultra-sensitive. A collision can knock these installations out of alignment. This may result in an air bag’s failure to deploy or another safety feature’s failure to activate. Likewise, an alert on your dashboard may fail to light up. This places driver and passengers at serious risk. Even minor impacts causing only a small dent can result in decalibration.

How Does Electronic Recalibration Work?

Electronic recalibration is far more than just recording numbers from a diagnostic test code. This won’t always reveal underlying problems. Repairs aside, the technician must also:

  • Scan for vehicle-specific codes for error messages
  • Clear any diagnostic codes
  • Recalibrate or “reset” radars and sensors according to manufacturer specifications

Technicians need to ensure that the cameras, lasers, and other technologies are aimed correctly. An OBD port scan alone may not be sufficient. Testing requires special calibration equipment, and not all auto body services have these in their shops.

Aside from the collision, the collision repair itself can also throw the system off balance. This is why the technician must perform diagnostics before releasing the car back to the client.

We Perform Electronic Recalibrations

Entrust repairs to Doug’s Auto Collision. Our process is thorough and includes full diagnostics of a car’s complete suite of safety tech. We restore a car’s outer appearance, restore the auto paint, and take care of internal diagnostics through electronic recalibration.

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